Saturday, December 6, 2014

Food Photo: Hamburger Steak at the Tulip (チューリップ) Restaurant

So Tasty I Had to Make a GIF out of It



Usually, on the night of the Full Moon, I like to post an astronomy photo.

The camera and tripod are on standby and, I keep going out to check the sky.

It might not peek through the clouds tonight so, you may have to settle for this food shot.

hambugreg steak, salad, steam rising, black background

What you see here, is a combination of 7 images.

There was a whole tray full of other items, that came along with the meal.

A bowl of steamed rice, miso soup and pickled radish were also included.

By the time, I got done fooling around with food photography, the main course was cold.

burning cigarette, ashtray, smoke

The lit cigarette, in an ashtray trick, was used to put some steam in the scene for viewing.

Then, I gobbled everything down and, ran back across the street to get back to work.

See more of the restaurant Tulip on my TripAdvisor Review.

If you ever get the chance to visit Kin Town, stop on by and maybe, we could do lunch !

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