Thursday, December 18, 2014

Keeping It Clean (GIF) Sueyoshi Shrine

Shrine Visits Are Popular



During the New Year, both Calendar and Lunar, shrines get lots of traffic.

Some people make pilgrimages to eight of them on Okinawa.

sweeping, leaves, shrine, gif

My trips to these sacred and historic places are usually after the New Year.

There aren't any big crowds and, I can take my time observing the area.

On this visit, I chatted with the groundskeeper and learned something.

If you climb the stairs, when you get to the top, turn around.

Shuri Castle, comes into view, behind you.

The custom before climbing, is to stop and drop some coins in the wooden box.

Whenever I do that, I bow my head and make believe I'm praying.

That's what lots of folks do.  Some of them might really say prayers.

Talking to the guy with the broom, was my favorite activity.

The shrine and stone stairs were designated national treasures.

He should be named, a living treasure.

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