Sunday, December 7, 2014

What the Heck Is a Nuchigusui Festival ?

Kin Town Held the Annual Event Today



Nichigusui is a word used in the local dialect of the Ryukyu Islands.

It can mean, healthy food or drink.

Another definition: Life's elixir or, something that makes you feel good.

Have a look at some of the activities, I witnessed today in the GIF format.

tuna fish being butchered

A big crowd gathers every year to see a tuna get carved up and, help eat it, too.

Before catching this act, I wandered through the fair and looked at everything.

They have health foods, beverages like tea and all kinds of healthy treats.

But the part that makes me feel good is all the activities outside, on the stage.

singing and dancing group, stage

 This group, opened with a tune that's been stuck in my head all day.

They sang in Japanese but, I recognized the melody and, researched it just in case.

If they want to learn the original version, here's the words:

dance, stage, audience

The guys and gals in yellow put on a lively show.

They were singing and doing some classic Okinawan dances.

Just look at the folks in the audience, rocking away, on their Orion Beer crates.

dance, red fans

 Not sure what this act was, I'll just call them the red fan dancers.

They were good and, I wouldn't mind having one of those fans, when summer rolls around next year.

Hula, dancers

Everybody, recognizes this good old Hawaiian dance, I bet.

A little bit off today's topic but something crazy happened to a friend of mine.

She was a Hula dancer, living in a village far away.

The gal had her hair shortened a couple of inches and the Hula Sensei, kicked her off the team.

Somebody needs to talk to that Hula teaching lady.

Does she think people are really watching the Hula girls heads ?  Duh !

classic, Ryukyu dance

Way back behind to crowd, I was shooting this scene and tapping my foot.

They were playing some of my favorite local music.

All of a sudden. it dawned on me, I had to get closer.

See that guy on the far left of the stage ?

Okinawan dance, music, sanba

 He is the Mayor of Kin Town and, was up there performing.

What a good sport.  He's even playing the sanba.

If, I see him out in town tonight maybe, I'll buy him a beer !

In conclusion, nuchigusui, isn't just about health foods and exercise.

The elixir could be smelling flowers, listening to good music or, dancing on a beer crate.

Being happy, is part of the Okinawan formula for staying healthy.

Today's entertainment, worked for me.

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