Friday, December 26, 2014

Silly Signs Seen While Shopping

Half Way Through the Holidays



The end of the year routine can be fairly exhausting.

The craziness, associated with Christmas and the New Year, happens mostly in stores.

So, I let the women do all the buying and, just hang around, waiting for them to get done.

The cameras, don't go along on these trips; it's total goof-off time, for me.

Usually, I stay outside, drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes.

comical, loading zone sign

That's how, I discovered this doozie of a Loading Zone sign.

It was in the parking lot, in front of the store so, I guess that's where the word, Porch came in.

So many folks wanted to use the spot, I almost got run over, using my cell phone camera.

After, snapping this shot, I decided to go in and see where the women went, with all my money.

funny sign, Happy Freepy Story

Well, I couldn't find the gals, until, I nabbed  a photo of this sign.

Happy Freepy Story



It reminded me of something, I heard recently.

Do you know what the Chinese janitor said when he jumped out of the hallway closet ?


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