Monday, December 22, 2014

Checkout the Xmas Lighting on this House !

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Christmas, illumination


There was a time, I used to climb up on the roof and hang some decorations.

But, I got tired of going to all that trouble.

The last Christmas season, I did it was probably over 10 years ago.

The wife agreed, I just had to do the roof and, she'd handle the yard and front porch.

Well, she had some lights leftover and came up on the roof, to add to mine.

And, I told her, "The more crap, you put up here, the more, I'll have to take down in January."

Nightime, Xmas decorations, thousands of lights

Plus, all those lights, add expenses to the electric bill.  Humbug !

She softened me up by, saying, she would take all the lights down at the end of the season.

Well, as quick as New Years, rolled around, I yanked my lights off the top of the house.

Don't tell anybody but, I also threw them in the trashcan.

A couple of years later, the wife, asked me, when, I'm gonna cut my beard.

So, I told her, I would, as soon as, she finishes taking down her Last Century light-bulbs.

These Lights in Nago Got Me Thinking




People are flocking to the place to take pictures. 

After, I shot some photos, I walked over to the house, smothered in Christmas stuff.

The elderly woman, standing there, said she did all the decorating herself.

It took her a week.  And, she has a humongous electric bill from all her efforts.

While, I was standing there, talking, some real cute girls showed up.


There's nothing wrong with a $400 dollar electric bill, when stuff like that happens.

Maybe, I should buy some new lights.

And, see if the wife, feels like hanging them all over the place, again !


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