Thursday, January 6, 2011

Bridge to Nowhere in Kunigami Okinawa (Travel Photo Thursday)

Here is a wooden bridge located in the mountains of the Kunigami area of Okinawa. This place is special to me so, the only way you'll find it would be to have me show you the location.

I'm not sure how we'd manage, though. I hate driving and it's about a three day walk from my house. We could make arrangements to go there, together. I know the way.

Can you drive a car blindfolded ?

This is my contribution to Budget Travelers Sandbox for TRAVEL PHOTO THURSDAY

The Bridge to Nowhere was originally published in an article at APOGEE PHOTO MAGAZINE.

If you have an interesting photo from anywhere on earth, or even outer space, post it on your blog and make a link to Budget Travelers Sandbox for everyone to see. We're all travelers, aren't we ?


Unknown said...

Really nice shot Mike. I love the light. Thanks for posting to Travel Photo Thursday.

RyukyuMike said...

Always a pleasure. Just have to be reminded, sometimes.It was actually Friday morning local time before I got this up !