Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flower (Photo) Purple Iris and an Okinawan Festival

There has been a massive jump in traffic on my Festivals of Okinawa page since I mentioned in a Cherryblossom post that we have all kinds of flower festivals in Okinawa, Japan.

So, I figure I'd better start filling the place up with whatever I have on the Festivals (Matsuri) and see what else I'll need to shoot more photos of to give everyone a year-round schedule to follow.

This photo was taken 5 APR 2009 in the village of Ogimi Okinawa, Japan. It was a cold and windy day.
I don't forget what the conditions were at the time I composed a photo, even if it was years ago.

There have been several people who live in countries where it's snowing, right now, telling me they wish it was springtime where they are like it is here.

Hah !  It's winter here in Okinawa, right now, too. It's freezing cold, to us.
It'll keep getting colder until sometime around March. We just don't have any snow.

Instead, we get the 90% humid wind blowing off the ocean and it makes us shiver just like we were up in the Arctic Circle.

People from Canada, Alaska, Hokkaido, Sweden and even North Korea would probably be running around in their underwear laughing at me bundled-up in a flannel shirt and three jackets.

I don't care. I do whatever I have to do. We don't have heaters built into our homes.
So, sometimes I turn on a 500W lightbulb and hang it over my head just to stay warm!

The Purple Iris photo makes me look forward to spring. I hope it makes you look forward to spring, too.
There won't be a scheduled date for the festival this year until someone figures the weather out. This post will be updated with the dates for events as soon as mother nature gives us some clues.

When it's time for the Iris Flower Festival this year, in Ogimi, I'll go back and shoot some more pictures for you.

Hopefully, it'll be warm enough for me to just wear a t shirt. To be on the safe side, I'll bring along a jacket.

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