Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year 2011 Bamboo, Girls and Fortunes in Okinawa (Photo)

After waiting in a long line at the Buddhist Temple in Kin Village Okinawa, Japan to get their fortunes for 2011 on a slip of paper these girls tied the paper to the bamboo growing on the Temple grounds. That's what lots of people do. They tie the things on anything they can reach.

Not me, though. After I stand in line for an hour and pay my nickle for a fortune, if it's a good one, I take it home with me and hang it on the fridge with a magnet so I can read it every once in awhile. It's not really a nickle; it's five yen. I guess that's a bit more than five cents these days.

Now if the thing says I'm going to have bad luck in the coming year, I'll stick it in a tree. Then, get back in line at the Temple and keep spending nickles until my luck improves. It beats gambling and you don't suppose a Buddhist Temple would be trying to scam folks, right?

When those girls hang their fortune in the bamboo, I'm not so sure they know what they're doing. Either that, or they really know what they're doing. Like, maybe their boyfriends have lots of nickles. Or, maybe, they just don't have a fridge to hang the things on. What do you think?



Gene said...

Keep mine on the fridge Too. Good Fortune is a Karma thing what You share will come back to You.

RyukyuMike said...

Those fortune things, I don't really believe in but, it's fun reading a good one every once in awhile. Just in case !