Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Son-in-Law Came Thru: Yah Hu Hu Hu !

This is a photo taken at an Okinawan Wedding back in February 2008 and that's what I'm Yah Hu Huing about today. This morning I found two CDs, that contain of all my daughter's wedding photos, sitting on the kitchen table. I'm talking about over a gigabyte, over 300 wedding pictures that have been missing, hiding in a black hole somewhere, for the past two years. My pictures !

The son-in-law,  the guy giving the speech and making the wife and daughter cry, must have dropped by the house and delivered the wedding photos last night. I've been needing them desperately for the past year, if not longer. I have articles to do and need those photos.

The guy in the tuxedo, that'd be me. I really do get dressed up, sometimes, shoes, socks, silly little bow tie and all. I leave my flipflops in the car so I can change on the way home.

While the women are sniffling at the mushy speech being made, you know what the old man is thinking, right?  Well, I'll tell you, just in case you don't think like I do. I was thinking something like "Would you please, hurry up and get done so I can go sit down and drink my beer before the shelflife expires."

Now, I'm no wedding photographer but, I do take wedding pictures for important people like members of the family, even when I get stuck dressing up like a clown and wearing flowers.

Of course, to shoot a photo like this, with me in it, I have to give my camera to an assistant. In this case, it was the only other Irishman in the building. I knew he wouldn't run off with my camera while there was still beer sitting on the tables. He really did a fine job taking pictures. Thanks, Mario.

A wedding in Okinawa is a big event and it's one like I've never seen before, anywhere on earth.
What I do after developing all my photos is burn them to CDs or DVDs and give them to the newlyweds. The professional wedding photographer, who makes megabucks, gets the wedding photos to them sometime within the next few months. Mine are done within a few days.

But, I don't want people photos clogging up my photo collection, I need room for wildlife and festivals. So, after I give the bride and groom their wedding pictures, I DELETE EVERYTHING.

Fast forward to 12 grandkids later. I feel like Archie Bunker with that guy, Meathead, only worse. I have a bunch of sons and son-in-laws. They all get their wedding photos on CDs or DVDs.

After I promise someone like POCKET CULTURES I'll submit an article about an Okinawa Wedding, ALL OF A SUDDEN,  NOBODY HAS THE FREAKIN' PICTURES I TOOK ! 

That all changed for the better today. Yah Hu Hu a Son-in Law Came Thru. Standby for more...


Unknown said...

Great luck.... for us especially, to see you decked out to the nines (it's funny - we use expressions that often don't make sense... try finding the meaning of this particular one).

Anyhoo... thanks to you Yah Hu (HU?).

RyukyuMike said...

An uneducated guess, I always figured dressed to the nines would be something on a scale of 1-10.
When I have to get my fur trimmed for an event like this and hobnob with a bunch of other people dressed to the nines and tens I feel more like a 1.5 on the scale of 1-10 !