Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Flower (花) Photos: The Christmas Candle (Senna alata) Okinawa

These Christmas Candle Flowers (花) bloom near my house about this time every year.

When I see them, I'm usually walking dogs and in a hurry to get home out of the cold wind.

This morning I almost hitched the dogs up to a guardrail to shoot a photo with my phone camera.

The position they are in is on top of a hill that's just too windy, though.  Then, I thought about snipping of a nice looking stem with my Swiss Army Knife scissors.  But some nosey old bat looking out her window might be watching me trimming her plants.

So, I figured, nah.  No sense going to jail this close to Christmas.

Well, sonovagun if I didn't already have some photos I took of these bright yellow flowers way back in December of 2008 !

See, I'm doing my 1st end-of-the-year-photo-file-shrinking, today.

That's where I shrink all the humongous 10 megapixel files down to almost nothing.

Then, throw all the computer-space-hogging stuff away.

The Adobe Elements Program I use flashed these photos on my screen as it was crunching them.

Yeah, I already had some photos of the flowers, stashed away.

These flowers took some time researching.  After about two hours of squinting at yellow flower photos from all around the world,  I finally nailed and ID for you.

They have all sorts of common names for this plant.

Golden Candlesticks, Popcorn Senna, Seven Golden Candlesticks, call it whatever you like.

From now on they are Christmas Candles (Senna alata) to me.

Do you have any Christmas Candle Flowers (花) where you live ?

If not, maybe, I can pinch a few seeds for you when nobody's lookin' !


Unknown said...

That looks like a good design for a scepter, if you ever start feeling really good about yourself.

RyukyuMike said...

That's something I'll keep in mind. Right after I look the word up to see what yer talkin' bout !