Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Another Day at Senaga-jima in Okinawa, Japan

Senaga-jima has become one of the islands in Okinawa that I enjoy visiting with a camera.

Look at the size of that limo.  

I have no idea who was in it; just know they aren't any friends of mine.

 Ospreys are the main reason I like visiting, because they always put on a great show.

If I was the Mayor of Senaga-jima,  I'd tell the airport to go fly their planes over some other island.

You don't suppose that limo belongs to the Mayor, do you ?


Alison said...

The limo could have been from the mayor! Though I didn't think they usually drove limos. It is still a cool shot though. Man made flying plane and a natural flying bird. Both take to the skies.

RyukyuMike said...

Yea, but, I just don't want to see somebody fly a plane into one of my ospreys so they can land in the water and be a hero like that guy in NYC. LOL

Ryan said...

It's more likely that the occupants of the limo are a bunch of girls on a drunken hen night rather than the mayor. The right honorable mayor Lynch has a certain ring to it though, you'd get my vote....

RyukyuMike said...

Dude, yer a right honorable guy, I do believe. I'm not all that interested in politics, mostly because I read somewhere, once, that those people ain't supposed to accept bribes. It's probably alright though, as long as you don 't get caught. Isn't that what real professional politicians do ?