Sunday, April 1, 2012

Wildlife Photo: The Common Snipe by RyukyuRusty

This bird is a snipe.

We were just heading home after a day of shooting with the Pentax cameras.

All of a sudden, Rusty started driving backwards.

He spotted this bird and wanted to shoot it but his camera was packed away.

So, I ripped mine off the tripod and handed it to him.

He leaned out the driver's side window and made some shutter speed adjustments.


He shot the thing.

Then, he shows me the thing and says he's never seen one of these birds before.

It is a Common Snipe (Gallinago  gallinago) and Rusty shot it in the wild.

This bird is usually a winter visitor to Okinawa, Japan.

Well, I congratulate RyukyuRusty for the fancy shooting.

But, I think somebody needs to tell that bird winter is over !


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