Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Photo Essay: Another Day in the Temporary Office


Here is quick look at the temporary office I've been using.

What I try to do is get there early in the morning.

That way I can get the laptop warmed up and hog up my favorite four seats.

It's a nice clean place with hi-speed internet service and friendly people.

While I'm working online I drink lots of fresh coffee.

They even got my drinking this stuff called Bubble Tea.

There will be a full report coming on that stuff later but, if you just can't wait, GO HERE.

 By the end of the month I should be moving down the street to my new office.

It's really going to be different from where I'm at right now.

 It might take awhile for me to adjust to the new office environment.

For sure, I'll miss those gals being nice to me and bringing me coffee and tea.

But, I just noticed a little Richamocha Cafe motor scooter parked out front.

So, I reckon if I call them once in awhile, they could deliver the stuff to my new place !

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