Saturday, April 14, 2012

Photo of the Week: Argusia on the Beach at Ikei Island Okinawa

It's about time I added some new tree, shrub and flower photos of Okinawa to the collection.

So, here's a photo of some Argusia blossoming on Ikei Island.

These are just babies and I can see where some folks would call them shrubs.

Messerschmidia  argentea, the Argusia plants we have here, can become six meters tall.

Well, six meters is something like 18 feet, according to my calculations.

That's a tree.

These trees are found along the coasts of all the islands around here.

They are pretty tough characters and survive typhoons better than any other tree on the beach.

It's nice to take shelter under them on a hot sunny day because they provide lots of shade.

One of these days, I'll go shoot some tall Argusia trees while they are full of white flowers.

Just wait 'til we have some blue skies and I get my bones back into an office where I'm in fully

 operational mode. Right now I'm (groan) still in the process of moving.

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