Thursday, April 5, 2012

Tachigaa Waterfalls Revisited and a Revised Spelling

Here is another view of that waterfall where I joked about a mean caterpillar running me out of town for harassing him with a zoom lens.

This is probably the coolest waterfall on the island when it comes to access and conveniences.

Every now and then, I catch a mistake, somewhere, on one of my old blog posts and go back to make a correction.  That's why we're revisiting this waterfall today.

Another photographer, who goes by the handle Okinawa Soba, created a link to me through his Flickr account.

When I was looking at his waterfall photos, I noticed my Tachigaa Waterfall was missing an "A".

While I'm busy running around trying to revise the spelling on my waterfall photos here's what you could do, if you have a few hours to kill.


There is nothing, anywhere on Flickr, that comes close to what you are about to experience !

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