Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Week Full of Fun, Photos and New Stuff. Dang, I Got Busy !

This week started off with a visit to another island and an event inside a cave.

There's a story, for sure, coming out of this, once I get it all sorted out.

But, plenty of research needs to be done so I can give you an accurate account of what took place.

Most of the time, when I'm at some cultural event like this, I get so wrapped up with trying to compose the best possible photos, I kind of miss out on what's really going on around me.

The middle of the week saw me chasing unidentified flying butterflies.

What I normally do with these critters is take plenty of shots.

Get them at different positions and from several angles.

The color isn't the only thing you need to ID a butterfly.

Markings and colors on the wings are important.

The size and shape of their body and antenna give you some clues, too.

Well, I just got so busy developing photos from that cave and butterflies I've been chasing this week, that I ran out of time to complete my research.

 But, I'm counting my blessings.

One of the women from the cave whacked me with a stick.

And did some prayers by the fire.

Maybe, my fortunes will change.

Look at what I found this week.

  That's my new office. I'll be moving uptown, soon.

Once I get that place hooked up to the world wide web, I'll be back in business.

Then, I can have three computers running at the same time and not get so far behind when I'm busy ! 

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