Saturday, October 25, 2014

Birds Will Be Birds: 3 Motion GIFs from Kin Dam

A Person Could Spend All Day Watching



Don't worry. I'm not turning into a birdwatcher.

When I go out with the cameras, I'll shoot almost anything, I come across.

Grey Heron, GIF, birds

The birds, I'm showing you today, were just part of the activities in nature I viewed.

A 32GB card of images was filled up at the Kin Dam.

It was so much fun, I didn't get back to the office, until after sunset.

The Grey Heron (above) put on a show, standing on the Old Okukubi Bridge.

bird, Sea Hawk, Osprey, in flight

This Sea Hawk or, Osprey was flying above and, below the dam, looking for fish.

It dove into the river while I was watching but, came up empty handed.

Egret,bird, Kin Dam,GIF

The most entertaining bird, had to be this egret.

Usually, when you see one diving, it's after some fish.

But, I think, this one was just, taking a bath.

Weekends on Okinawa Are Full of Festivals



There isn't enough time, for me, to be hanging around at the dam, until weekdays roll around.

But, next week if the weather stays nice, I know what I'll be doing,

Besides looking for some good ghost stories, I'll be doing more dam, nature photography !

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