Thursday, October 30, 2014

Blue Triangle Butterfly or Bluebottle Swallowtail (GIF)

Graphium sarpedon,butterfly,swallowtail,GIF

Common Names



Blue Triangle Butterfly or, Common Bluebottle Swallowtail

Scientific Nomenclature



Graphium sarpedon

These butterflies can be found almost anywhere in the rainforests of Asia.

They may also, be seen in Australia and, we have video-graphic proof.

A Problem and Solution



If the research hadn't been done, I would never have guessed this.

Molecular Expressions at Florida State University,  showed me the problem:

 "Man cannot always successfully reproduce what occurs in nature. The blue triangle butterfly reared in captivity is distinctly different from those existing in the wild. Unfortunately for the survival of the species, the smaller, less intensely colored captive-bred individuals are less desirable to collectors."

The only reason, I had to quote them is, I don't speak so eloquently.

For example, my solution we be something like this:

Take folks, breeding captive butterflies along with those, collecting the wild ones and, put them in jail.

Problem solved !


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