Thursday, October 23, 2014

Common Map Butterfly in Motion

Cyrestis thyodamas



Testing the Pentax DA300mmF4 lens a photo series of this butterfly was taken today.

The butterfly is called a Common Map Butterfly.

They have some raggedy looking wings and, don't usually stay still for very long.

The weather was so nice, in Okinawa today, I had to get out and do some shooting.

So, I grabbed the Pentax K3 and a tripod and walked around Kin Dam.

These photos were taken a f/11  1/400   ISO 100.

It was so much fun, chasing critters, I didn't get back until sunset.

Eagles, hawks, ducks and herons, were just part of the photographic captures, today.

It may take a week to get all the photos processed.

And, another week, to identify some of the new wildlife, I discovered.

Maybe, I should get some interns to do all this office stuff.

Because, if the sun keeps shining, like it did today, I'm outta here !


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