Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tools of the Travel Writing Trade: Brochures and Books

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A Peek at Some of the Printed Material Used Daily



The books are used to conduct research but, they don't go along with me in my travels.

They cost money and add weight to a backpack so, they stay home.

Ten Reasons to Love Travel Brouchures



1.  They are free. Doesn't everybody like free stuff ?  Me, too. 

2.  You can fit them in your pack or, fold them and stick them in your pocket.

3.  Looking at them can help you plan your day's events.

4.  They contain maps which, give you a sense of directions.

5.  Photos in brochures give me ideas, of where I want to go and what I want to photograph.

6.  They show all the major attractions so, I know where everyone else is going.

7.  They list the mountains, beaches, campsites, trails and lookout points.

8.  Sunrise or sunset from an unusual or advantageous position, are in my travel plans.
Most travelers are doing other touristy things and, not near me during those hours.

9.  Great spots to observe wildlife and nature are always included.

10.  They are handy for writing about a trip after going home.

Websites, addresses and phone numbers, always come in handy when travel writing.

On occasion, brochures have been used as an umbrella or, to start a campfire.

Just remember, you can always get more.  They're free !


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