Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Total Lunar Eclipse Oct 2014 Wasn't a Total Disaster

Somebody Just Didn't Want Us to View the Dang Thing !



Clouds, wind and some rain from an approaching typhoon, is what, I saw.

Just back from standing in a tower, to shoot the moon, here's what I got.

Oct 2012 Blood Moon over Okinawa

One, sort of shaky image of the eclipsing moon.

The best part of it was, there wasn't anybody else, crowding the place with cameras.

For three solid hours, I had the whole joint to myself.

moon coming out of eclipse

One of my favorite shots was this one, as the moon was coming out of total eclipse.

Clouds, hid the moon most of the time.

When it, peeked through, you had to shoot it real quick.

In a split second, it would be covered with black skies, again.

Pentax DA300mmF4ED lens

This Pentax 300mm lens, arrived at the camera store today.

Whenever, I pick up a brand new lens, there's a little ritual, I like to do.

It's nice to let someone who works in the camera store, take the first shot with it.

So, I put it on my camera and asked this gal, named Nishizato, if she would do it.

Then, I ran down to the other end of the building.

The Author at a camera store

And, she shot me with my new lens.

The total eclipse of the moon was sort of disappointing but, I had fun today, anyway.

It got me wondering.

Do you think many people, went to Naha to take pictures of the eclipse ?

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