Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Butterfly Images: Striped Blue Crow (ツマムラサキマダラ)

Euploea mulciber,blue and brown,butterfly,Okinawa

Wildlife Okinawa Confirmed



This one had me stumped for awhile but, today the resources came through.

The Yanbaru Field Guide, borrowed from Kin Town Library, gave the name in Japanese.

Put, ツマムラサキマダラ in Google Japan and, you find everything.


 These butterflies are found in India.  And, they are also in Singapore.

A site called SAMUIBUTTERFLIES, shows plenty more, detailed photos.

Click the link, on that site and, you can learn all about these critters.

Striped Blue Crow,butterfly,Okinawa

The field guide I use is: ISBN978-4-408-32351-0

This butterfly was located on page 138.

Another great resource is Wildlife Okinawa

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