Wednesday, March 2, 2016

12 Photos from an Okinawa High School Graduation

students, umbrellas, balloons,decorations, parent, school

It's Really a Solemn Occasion



These youngsters have just completed 12 grueling years in the Japanese educational system.

There has to be some sort of formal program to mark this special event.

stage, auditorium,students, rows of folding chairs, uniforms

Meet the 2016 graduating class of Ginoza High School.

The boys and girls in black uniforms, sit before the stage on folding chairs.

From a position on the balcony, above them, everyone looks the same.

student, pianist, piano, stage, curtains, music sheet

Ceremonies kicked off, with an excellent pianist, playing the school's theme song.

school official, stage, written speech, reading

No important event, can be held in Japan, without letting dignitaries give speeches.

A note was made.  Shorter speeches, got the loudest applause.

Many speeches, had the parents and students (me included) yawning.

principal,assistant,boys, students, diplomas

The principal and his assistant bestow diplomas in a very formal manner.

There are actually five or six steps involved in this process.

Each of those boys, bows a few times, going up, receiving the diploma and, leaving the stage.

stage, principal,girls, jumpers, skirts, uniforms, diplomas

Each student's name is announced over the loudspeaker system for the presentation.

It's a good thing, I could head the names being pronounced.

All the girls in their black skirts look almost identical and, I had to shoot one special one.

girl, diploma, bowing

Leaving the stage, with their diplomas, the students, bow to their teachers.

Here's Marin, my granddaughter, giving a most respectful bow !

Now for the Light Side of the Event

emotions, laughter, tears, teacher, students,flowers,gifts

After all the diplomas are passed out, it's the student's turn to make presentations.

They give flowers and gifts, along with short speeches, to their teachers.

It's quite an emotional event involving smiles, tears and laughter, as you can see.

students, graduates,streamers, balloons, candy, flowers, parents

Things get a little wild when the graduates are let outside the school doors.

They get all decorated-up with streamers, balloons, strings of candy, flowers and, whatnot's. 

parents, students,uniforms, dolls, toys, candy, balloons

It appears, the more popular a student is, the more junk they get streaming from their body.

Hawaiian leis, candy bars, toys, DVDs and all kinds of decorations are thrown on the students.

girl, umbrella,toys, leis,candy,uniform,parent,smiles
 After enduring about three hours of formalities, these kids are ready for some fun.

Ginoza High School,graduates, 2016 graduation, outdoors

Stepping out in the street at the front of Ginoza High School, I took this parting shot.

Congratulations to the graduating class of 2016.

And, hurrah for the parents and teachers, who got them there !


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Congratulations to Ji-Ji's No. 1 Grandchild!!!

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