Saturday, March 12, 2016

There Was a Big Dead Snake in the Middle of the Road

Habu Snakes Are Active Again


The Okinawan Habu, comes out of hibernation this time of year and, I'm happy. 

These critters are venomous so, I'm glad the first one, I met this year, was dead !

Habu, snake, road

It was way after, leaving the scene, some investigating took place. 
Everybody, wants to kill the habu snakes because they are poisonous.

There must be something, we can do to make use of the rascals, after they're gone.

flip-flop,snake, habu, highway

Tan Their Hides and Make Belts

That foot-long flip-flop should give you an idea of the length this snake reaches.

If, it wasn't so badly damaged, it could have made a nice belt for my bluejeans.

The next time, one of these big snakes comes along, I'll be ready for it.

Just, whack the head off of the varmint  and, I'll make me a brand new belt.

The little investigation, I did gave all sorts of advice and instructions.

Get a sharp knife, some tanning materials and, somebody with a sewing machine.

Maybe, I'll find a snake, long enough, to make sandal straps, too.

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