Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Flower: Lipstick Plant -- Facts and Photos

Aeschnanthus Radicans



Don't try pronouncing the Latin name, just call it a Lipstick Vine. OK ?

This is another flower, nobody in the Kin Library or flower shop could identify.

Lipstick Plant, flowers, leaves

Thankfully, a Facebook friend, named it for me within five minutes.

If that guy ever visits Okinawa, I promised to buy him lots of beers.

Aeschynanthus radicans, flowers, leaves, plant

The plant was spotted, blooming just a few minutes walk from my office.

So, I took a few props along, to use as background material for my photos.

Once, I got a botanical name, off I went, to gather these nifty facts.

Number One:  The plant originated in Malaysia.

Number Two:  It's an evergreen that resembles lipstick coming out of a tube.

Number Three:  The fruits and plants are not for human or animal consumption.

Number Four:  The plants grow naturally up where branches meet trees.

Number Five:  They are members of the African Violet family, called Gesneriaceae.


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