Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Plant and Flower Photos: Clerodendrum

Clerodendrum inerme,flowers, Wild Jasmine

Tricky to Identify from Photos



These images were created in August 2015 and, just got positive ID's.

Today, my favorite botanist, in all Japan, gave me the clues  I needed to finish the research.

His name will remain a secret so, everyone else, doesn't start bugging him.  Hah!

flower, Clerodendrum, leaves, stem

 Luckily, I had saved some images, that didn't have stems and leaves cropped out of the scenes.

Latin names received were Clerodendrum inerme and Clerodendrm trichotomum.

With a few hundred types of this plant, I had it narrowed to one type or, the other.

 The shapes and patterns of the leaves, can help in deciding what plant, we're looking at.

The first place: Top Tropicals, had me thinking Clerodendrum inerme was the wrong name.


With some close-ups of the leaves and buds, I visited a few more sites.

Clerodendrum trichotomum at Fine Gardening, doesn't look anything like this plant.

National Parks Don't Lie

So, I figured it would be wise, to go visit one of those government websites and get the truth.

The folks at Singapore Government convinced me with their photo.

This is a Wild Jasmine, Seaside Clerodendrum or, Clerodendrum inerme, for sure.

plant, leaves, flowers, Clerodendrum inerme

It also has a synonym, Clerodendrum inermis L, just to keep folks guessing !


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