Friday, March 11, 2016

Sashiba (サシバ) Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle - A Mirgatory Visitor

These Birds Leave Our Island Soon



Normally, our feathered friends visit from November through March.

Then, they head back up to northern climates in China, Japan and Russia.

Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle, bird, Butastur indicus,tree

Luckily, we spotted this guy perched in a tree, while it was raining.

The farthest, I could reach, with the lens being used, was 250MM.

The bird probably, didn't feel like flying and, getting its wings all wet.

So, I snapped a few good shots before he got riled and flew away.

Any bird that eats mice, snakes and rats, as well as bugs, has to be a favorite of mine.

It's too bad, they migrate away from here during the warmer months. 

Another thing, I hear these birds eat, is frogs and, that upsets some folks.

Well, people eat frogs, too.  Don't they ?  They shouldn't complain about birds, doing it then.

Try this sometime, when you go to a French restaurant.

Ask the waiter if, he has frog legs.  Then if, he says,  "Yes, of course," have some fun with him.

Say something like, "Great.  Hop in to the kitchen and get me a plate of French Fries."

More About the Grey-faced Buzzard Eagle (Butastur indicus) in previous posts.

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