Thursday, March 10, 2016

Cheap Eats: The Japanese Bento Box Lunch

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All That for Under Five Bucks



The platter of food above could be breakfast, lunch and supper for some folks.

And, I got to do the DIY (Do It Yourself) thing at a place, just visited today.

It was my brunch and supper, I guess you could say because, it's not all eaten, yet.

bento store, Ofukuro, Kin Town

A Light Bulb Made Me Do It


After a few months of the wife complaining about a light that kept flickering, I took action.

The thing got unplugged and stuffed in a plastic bag, for me to carry to the light bulb store.

The girl, who waited on me convinced me to buy two of the things and, save a lot of money.

One florescent light was about 10 bucks but, you could get two of them for 15.  Imagine that.

 I bought them and, walked, looking for a place to spend some of the money, I just saved.

That's when I remembered, someone had told me about Ofukuro Bento shop.

meats, sausage,chicken,fish,tofu.warmimg trays,tongs

 They hand you a tray with some rice on it and, you get to fill it up anyway, you want.

This was my first stop, checking out the meats, waiting to be devoured.

Yaki Soba, potatoes, pork, carrots

   Health fanatics might go for the Yaki Soba but, I'm not one of them.

So, I sampled some of the pork, potatoes and carrots.

green beans, mustard grens, Yaki Soba, trays
 It's been awhile since, I had green beans and, there they were.

The owner, of the place, let me take photos, when I asked his permission.

Using a Smart Phone, I got the job done.  Big cameras, stayed at the office.

Someday, I'll go back and, shoot the place up, the right way, with the big guns.

wrapped bento, rubber bands, chopsticks,vegetables,meats, salad, egg

 There's what I wound up, carrying back to my office, all wrapped in a plastic bag.

No way could, I eat all that food for one meal so, some would get nuked, later in the day.

It came to a grand total of, somewhere between 3 and 4 dollars at today's Yen rate.  Hah !

Now, I'm wondering if, I should grab a few brewskies with the rest of the money I saved.

Or, go home and listen, to the wife complain about, the light that ain't blinking, no more ?

Do you want to learn more about Japan's Bento lunches ?

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