Monday, March 28, 2016

Elephant Ear Plant AKA African Mask

Alocasis amazonica, plant, leaf

Amazon Elephant's Ear



These things grow like crazy around my house so, I shot one leaf with a whitish background.

It had to be done, early in the morning, before the missus woke up.

They are humongous plants, that grow in the shade.  I didn't like the lighting, down there.

So, a quick swipe of the knife and, the stem was stuffed behind the mailbox, screwed to the wall.

Then, I laid the leaf down, next to the sleeping dog so, it looked like, he  broke the plant.

And, I hurried away from the house, to research this specimen for you.

There are lots of plants that took like elephant's ears and, I'll show you links to them.

The scientific name for this one would be, Alocasia amazonica.

If you want to buy one, some places, ship them to you for fifteen or twenty dollars.

If you were lucky enough, to catch me at home, for two cold beers, I'll gve you one for free !


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