Thursday, March 17, 2016

Photography Tips: Creative Background for Flowers

Carry an Inexpensive Backdrop



Recently, I was asked how dark colors are created in backgrounds of flower photos.

And, I promised to do a post explaining the simple technique, I use.

Being it's St. Patrick's Day, I'm in a bit of a hurry, to get out of the office.

There are things to do, like get the green tux out of the closet.

So, this will be a relatively short photo tip.

red hibiscus, flower, black background, leaves

Most artists, would probably choose a different color for a backdrop.

When, I use black, it's usually to get the flower standing out, for identification purposes.

Were I making this image to sell, I'd certainly use a different color in my composition.

flower, wall,garden, fence, distractions, tripod, black board

This photo shows the scene in the background and, my contraption for changing it.

Mounted to a tripod with giant rubber bands, is a clipboard and black background.

red flower, white background

The color of the backdrop, doesn't have to be black.  Pink, white or blue, would do, too.

The good part of a clipboard, is you can clip any color you want, to them.

Construction paper would be ideal but, I like to use things that last a bit longer.

The black and white materials, you see, are actually, cheap plastic cutting boards.

One, got donated to me and, I think I paid less than a dollar for the other.

man, volunteer, flowers, backdrop, clipboard

 Ideally, another person, to hold your backdrop, would accompany you for the shoot.

Then, you don't have to go rigging up a tripod, to assist you.

A human, can tilt the backdrop forward, back, left or right, to give you the best light.

And, even help stop the wind, from shaking your subject around.

clipboard, red, leaves, fruits, pavement
 Here's the less-than-a-dollar clipboard, lying naked on the pavement, for you.

When, I bought the thing, I thought it was a nice color.  I'd go for blue, next time.

So far, I haven't found any flowers that look good with red as a background. 

Some folks, don't think, I look so good in a green tuxedo so, I only wear it once a year.

Now, you know how to shoot flowers with different backgrounds.

There's no sense, in me hanging around after this gets published.  So, I'll do beer ! 


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