Friday, May 20, 2016

Action (GIF) at the White Kitchen in Kin Town

chef, big fire, wok, kitchen, flames

Consider It a Controlled Burn



The kitchen wasn't really bouncing around that much; it was me, using a cellphone.

To do this guy justice, I'll have to go back someday with a real camera and tripod.

It must have cost me about twenty-five bucks, to get the flames, I wanted for this animation.

When I got home, I told the wife, "Look, I bought a whole week's worth of groceries."

There was fried rice, assorted chunks of deep fat-fried chicken and, whatnot.

If you want to find out, which order, he's cooking, to make all that fire, just ask.

That meal is still in my fridge, waiting for me to reheat it in a microwave.

See, I watched him, do the fried rice and fried chicken but, they didn't make any big flames.

When the Mama, in the kitchen, figured out, what I needed, she told the Papa.

There was no way, I needed another meal, to carry home but, I wanted a big fire.

So, I paid her for, whatever  he's cooking and, waited for the flames to start jumping.

Tell them, you want the order that makes a big fire and, they'll hook you up, I bet !

BTW, That's the White Kitchen if, you're looking for a good meal in Kin Town.

Nobody in the village, cooks better fried rice, fried chicken or, whatnot's than, that guy.

If, you're into following maps, it's located HERE.

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