Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Travel Shot -- Hamahiga Island Furusato Coastline

island, ocean,sky, clouds, seawall

Nice Weather Considering It's Rainy Season


On a recent visit to Hamahiga Island it became necessary to chase this scene.

Noon is probably, the worst time of day for outdoor photography.

The blue skies and colors of the ocean, made me do it. I just had to wait for a moment.

When some clouds, covered and filtered the bright sunlight behind me, I was ready.

The people on the beach, didn't need to be in the scene so, I went out on the seawall.

Some folks, call this Furusato Beach.

In Japanese it's  浜ふるさと海岸 (Beach hometown coast) when translated.

TripAdvisor lists Hamahiga Island as #4 of 35 Things to Do in Uruma, Okinawa.

Check it out if, you get a chance !

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