Friday, May 13, 2016

Getting Shot at the Camera Store

Pentax K1, HD Pentax-D 15-30mmF2.8D lens, girl

It's Become a Ritual


When I pick up a new lens or camera at this establishment, I let someone try it out.

This gal was having so much fun with my new lens and camera, I had to take a shot of her.

She's using the K1 and a Pentax-D FA 15-30mmF2.8ED lens.

Nishizatosan must have taken a dozen pictures with my new lens before, I got to use it.

The shots, she took, you really don't want to see.  They were good enough.

 But, who wants to see an old guy in flip-flops, dancing around the shop and making faces?

Tomorrow, I'll be out on a boat, going island-hopping, to see how that rig works at sea!

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