Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Butterfly Named a Banded Awl

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It Looks Like a Moth



There seems to be some confusion in the butterfly experts world; I'm glad I ain't one of them.

If you think bird watchers are crazy, you probably don't want to mess with butterfly fanatics.

It was another rainy day so, I spent a few hours, trying to find a name for this bug.

After looking at only a few hundred thumbnail photos, I thought it was nailed down.

  Banded Awl (Hasora moestissima moestissima) on Flickr gave me a scientific name.

Off I went, plugging that nomenclature into search engines, to get verification.

At Butterflies of Singapore they have the Life History of the Common Banded Awl.

Nice enough people, they call butterflies, Nature's Flying Jewels. Imagine that.

Anyway, the photos show butterflies, that look just like this one.

But, in Singapore the Latin name is Hasora chromus chromus.

Over at Butterfly Circle, they would agree with the Flying Jewel folks in Singapore.

But Nature Society (Singapore) would call the critter Hasore vitta vitta.

It's just a Plain Banded Awl, to them. All the photos, look like the same butterfly, to me.

At Butterflies of India, it's a Hasora vitta indica - India Plain Banded Awl, wouldn't ya know.

We could go on and on, adding links to pictures of butterflies but, I won't.

If you take those scientific names and search, you'll find all kinds of different butterflies.

Half of them, don't look anything like the photo, I posted above.

So, I sat back and tried to picture, all the butterfly experts, coming together.

They'd have field guides, notebooks, binoculars and big butterfly nets in their hands.

There's no telling if, they are violent types of people, when they get in a disagreement.

So, I decided to not try and place any concrete scientific name on this little dude.

Let's call it a Banded Awl that looks like a moth, from now on, for the sake of world peace !

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