Monday, May 16, 2016

Things to Do on a Rainy Day in Okinawa

snail, raindrops, plant, motion GIF, animation

Snails and Selfies

Mother Nature tries to keep me cooped up indoors sometimes and, today was one of those days.

It isn't like there's not enough stuff that needs to be done around the office.

People like me, need to get outside for fresh air and cigarettes, once in awhile.

This snail, was so small, ten of them could fit on my thumbnail and, still have plenty of room.

So, I used a 300MM lens to take about 75 shots and create this animation.

There are only 5 or 6 images, I used to make the GIF and, the rest got thrown away.

Ryukyu Mike, self, portrait

Playing around with the new Pentax K1 and 15-30MM lens, I did some selfies.

People can probably tell, I'm not really into studio photography or, trimming beards, either.

Plenty of my self portraits, got thrown away today, too but, I saved a few.

Maybe, I'll post some more over on Facebook, just for laughs.

If anyone ever asks me, where to get studio photography done, I'll send them to Chris Wilson.

Meanwhile, I'll be hoping rainy season on Okinawa goes by quickly so, I can get outdoors again.

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