Sunday, May 29, 2016

Butterfly Images -- Possibly Pale Grass Blue

Zizeeria maha, GIF, butterfly, garden

Small as a Fingernail



These photos were taken over the past two days, right behind my office.

Some were shot using a 300MM lens and, others with a 50MM, when I could get close enough.

blue winged butterfly, striated antenna

It's a fast moving critter with blue wings.

garden, butterfly, Pale Grass Blue

When it lands on something, the wings close up and, you won't see any blue.

blue butterfly, wings folding,garden

A Pale Grass Blue  (Zizeeria maha) can be found throughout Asia.

Some, were brought to Okinawa from Fukushima for observation.

The scientists, fed them contaminated (radioactive) food for their studies.

Now, don't panic when I tell you this but, nuclear stuff deforms the poor things.

Not to worry, I think all the contaminated freaks, were locked up in a labratory.

If I ever see one with three antenna, I'll only use the 300MM lens from now on !


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