Sunday, May 8, 2016

Almost Missed the 2016 Kin Town Mud Festival

children,mud,smiles, peace signs

Tambo Fest (たんぼフエスヌ) in Japanese

Taking a leisurely stroll to reach the event, sounded like a good idea.

It started at 10AM and, was scheduled to last until 6PM.

Knowing the afternoon sun could get unbearable, I decided to show up in the late afternoon.

While I was walking in the shade of mangroves along the river, the weather took a turn.

It started sprinkling some raindrops on the scene so, people ran for cover.

These were the last four kids, left and, they were getting ready to hop in the shower.

Of course, I got parental consent to photograph the children.

But, I didn't get a signed model release from he lady.

Because, she was all muddy, too !


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