Thursday, May 19, 2016

After a Hard Day at Work It's Time for Some Peace

It Should Be Quiet Tonight Too



A new smartphone and some other gadgetry has been keeping me occupied, lately.

Just when, you think you've mastered the stuff, all hell breaks loose.

Today, I walked around snapping pictures with the android, instead of a real camera.

Then, got the bright idea to upload a little movie, it made for me via YouTube.

The thing is still  being repaired by the fixer-uppers, as I type this blog.

Whoa.  Here it comes !

Now, it plays a little fast and, doesn't give you much time to read the text.

All I can tell you if, you want to read the words, is stop the damn thing and, read.

Or, you could just listen to the music I swiped and, forget about the reading part.

Now, you know, why I need to get some peace and quiet !

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