Thursday, September 22, 2016

2 Million Views -- Photo Winners Selected

bar with disco lighting and no customers

There Couldn't Be Any Distractions

This time around, a new method of picking prize recipients was designed.

Outside the Bar & Cafe Brazil, I was waiting before they opened.

Bartender named Lanna behind bar

Lanna, a bronze skinned beauty with a heart of gold offered to help me.

Handing her a list of big words, I said, "Here's what, we'll do.

You look at the comments on Facebook and the blog and, read them.

And, pick 10 people to receive photos of the bird, based upon what they wrote."

The big words, were things like, dignified, reverent, enthusiastic and, stuff like that.

Use those big words, to describe the writing style of the winners, you selected.

She looked at me and, nervously said, "Mike, I don't speak English that well."

Beautiful girl looking at cell-phone, Corona Beer sign, bar

These were words, hardly used by anyone, these days so, I came up with Plan B.

"Go sit over there and read all the comments on my cell-phone."

She could decide, which ones she liked best and, we'd use the big words later.

This was important; my blog doesn't hit 2 million every day, you know.

clipboard numbered 1-10 with names, hand writing

She selected the 10 people whose comments, she liked best and listed them.

Then, the two of us could practice learning English, together.

A word describing, why they were chosen, would be added to the list of names.

The Lucky Winners Are

1. Bernice Wittwer: The most reverent comment

2. Shinji Ikari: The most sentimental

3. Michael Lunch Chan: The most passionate

4. Beverly Fish: The most eloquent

5. Theresa Minogue Amlong: The most Inspirational

6. Pcehs Intl Lorena Marzon: The most cheerful

7. Barry Benson: The most sensational

8. Linda Latta: The most nostalgic

9. Terumi Brandon: The most sensible

10. J.R. Sorrow: The most humorous

There's More

Special thanks must be given, to some other helpers, assisting last night.

Lanna's big sister and brother-in-law, gave excellent support.

GIF of women in a bar

Sister, sort of did technical director things and, kept us moving along.

GIF, tuxedo t-shirt, girl with winners listed holding clipboard

Yuri, the bar owner controlled lighting and photographed us.

There, I am in my customized tuxedo and, watch Lanna.

She even, blows a kiss to all the lucky contestants.

What a doll !



Those who wish to receive the photo via email, please contact me privately.

And, let me know which way you'd like me to flip the bird.

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