Saturday, September 17, 2016

End of the Week Snapshot -- Gotta Go

Two Orion Beer mugs and gal serving them

Beer Is Great Medicine

Sometimes, I wish I'd have brought a camera along, when I'm off duty.

Things like this, just happen when I'm out at night, preparing for the next day.

There's sort of a custom, where you order two drinks at a time, I've developed.

One, is for me and, the other, goes to whoever brings my first beer of the evening.

The model, offered to let me take this photo, and she was smiling.

Well, I told her, not to worry about her hair and posing with a pretty smile.

All, I wanted was an image of her standing behind those beers. Good practice shot.

But, the beer mugs, are a little off center and, you can't read the Orion Beer part. Dagnabbit !

It's good enough reason, to go back and, do it right next time. Huh?

What's this Got to Do with Medicine?

In case nobody has noticed, I haven't done much work around here, this past week.

A couple of days were lost do to painkilling drugs, the doctor's been feeding me.

Whatever muscle, I yanked wrong, doesn't hurt anymore.  I'm fit and fine.

But, the doc says, I have to keep taking the stuff, until it's all gone. Groan.

Painkillers and muscle relaxers, make me feel like a wet noodle.

They trick your brain. Don't drive or operate machinery. But, can you drink?

That depends, on which kind of drugs you're taking, I figured it out.

Last visit to the doctor, I wore an Orion Beer t-shirt and, asked him if, I could drink the stuff.

He said, "Beer in moderation is OK."

So, I tell whoever is waiting on me, to bring my beers in moderation. No more than, 2 at a time.

Then, I joke and tell them, "Remind me to slow down, when I hit number 17."

An Important Notice

Readers of this blog might want to check the view meter. It's nearing 2,000,000.

More than likely, my celebratory giveaway will be closed after tonight.

Arrangements for selecting winners, must be done tonight.

It could be next weekend, before arrangements, to pick winners are completed.

That means, I have to get outta here and do some more work.

In Japan, we call that nominicating. Drinking while talking, work stuff.

If, I nomicate properly, Miss Pick a Winner, could be discovered tonight.

All I have to do, is locate a beautiful girl, to make the selections.

Tell them something like, "Would you want to get some good exposure on my blog?"

Er, maybe I should say, "Just a little exposure."  Hah !

See you next week.

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