Sunday, September 4, 2016

Nature GIF of a Aokanahebi -- Takydromus smaragdinus

Green Grass Lizards Ain't Always Green

This animation was created using 6 images, taken out back, behind my office.

The reptile known as Aokanahebi (アオカナヘビ) is a Green Grass Lizard.

Scientists, would call it a Takydromus smaragdinus.

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They Change Colors at Some Point in Life

In researching, I haven't come up with the answer but, will keep looking.

Digging back through my files, I can find some, with green spots on their backs.

A larger, green and yellow one of the same species, has been seen scampering around.

Natural Pest Control

Out in the free world, these guys eat bugs, that would annoy most people.

They run around in the garden and, climb trees searching for food.

Some crazy folks, collect the lizards and, stick them in aquariums, to live.

Then, they get online and ask questions like, "What do I feed them?"

The criminals, who sell them, will sell you lizard food, too.

Crazies and criminals, should try living in captivity and, see how much fun it is.

That's all I've got to say, for now.

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