Thursday, September 29, 2016

A Sunny Day with White Clouds Blowin' By

blue skies and fast moving white clouds, GIF

Rooftop Scene

Walking to the office this morning, I stopped to buy some coffee at mom and pop store.

They were watching TV and got all excited about something.

Looking up, I saw what it was; Tropical Cyclone #18 might be coming to Okinawa.

The skies were beautiful today so, I climbed up on the roof to get some sunshine.

Things could get pretty dismal around here next week; lots of rain and no sun, for me.

After about two hours of soaking-up vitamin D, I had 180 photos to download.

The animated GIF doesn't have any music, to go along with it but, I like it best.

Some cool tunes were located, to spruce up the YouTube video.

Maybe, I'll go back and see if, I can make a better video, while it rains next week.

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