Monday, September 19, 2016

Tuxedo and the Hunt for Pretty Girls

Things Can Get Hectic

The blog hit 2 million views and it's time to arrange the photo giveaway.

When I told the wife, it would be a good idea to get the tux ready she smiled.

She said, "Honey, speaking of tuxedos, I want you to do something for me."

She dug out my tux and, gave me this photo she wants enlarged. That will come later.

woman, tuxedo t-shirt, nightlife

The past few evenings, I've been busy preparing for my photo giveaway.

This gal's fiance is like a giant, way over six feet tall and, has humongous shoulders.

The wife, placed my tuxedo, neatly folded, on the kitchen table.

It's been raining a lot and, I didn't want it to get wet so, I rolled it up and stuffed it in a bag.

Here I am, barhopping and carrying my camera and tux in a canvas sack.

The outfit got wrinkles all over the place and, I need it stretched. I don't have an iron.

The thing wouldn't fit the giant so, I asked the lady, to wear it for awhile.

And, I promised to give them this photo, for assisting me.

She got the wrinkles out for me and, this time I folded the thing neatly so, I should be alright.

How to Enlarge a Photo

cigarette pack, Polaroid photo, rock garden

Look what the wife gave me, to be enlarged.

It's a freakin' Polaroid snapshot, no larger than a pack of my smokes!

Polaroid photo taped to wall

Carefully, I rolled up a piece of Scotch Tape and, stuck the picture on the wall.

Not sure if this would work, I decided to experiment just to keep the missus happy.

Man in tuxedo, woman in kimono

The Pentax K1 was mounted on a tripod and, I shot as close as I could get with the lens.

Full frame images, come out of the camera at 7360 x 4912 pixels.

A few photos were taken using different lenses and exposure settings.

Enlarged photo of man and woman

When I got the photo cropped, large enough for printing, more work needed to be done.

The beauty wearing a kimono is Mrs. Ryukyu Mike; she still hangs out with me.

A long time ago, the cleaners lost my tuxedo bowtie.

Rather than make a big deal out of it, I just quit trimming the beard.

Before saving the image at high resolution, for printing, I cleared away some of the junk.

The little lady will be happy, to get her enlarged photograph, tonight.

Next, I'll probably get orders to buy her a picture frame and, an iron!

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