Friday, September 16, 2016

SEP 2016 Full Moon and Festival Animations

full moon SEP 2016

No Typhoon Yet

It was looking like the approaching typhoon might ruin things.

Kin Town, had scheduled our annual Harvest Moon last for last night and, that's where I went.

Tonight's moon was much fuller and, I was lucky enough to catch it.

Band on stage, drummer girl, sanshin players

Thousands of photos were taken and, I'll just post a few GIF animations for tonight.

The event, in Japanese is known as Kangetsusai, sort of a full moon party.

All Okinawan music is good. The gal on those drums was spectacular.

Gals, could learn something important from her.

If, you want a man, to listen to you, for the rest of your life, learn to play drums, like her !

On stage band, musicians, woman playing Japanese harp, koto

The woman is playing a Japanese harp, known as a koto.

She has musicians, of every age, playing sanshin, in the background.

Her husband probably, listens to her, too. Er, she could strangle him with those harp strings.

Eisa performers in front of and on stage, youth

Standing above, on the roadway, I figured was the best position, to setup a tripod.

At that elevation, people wouldn't be tricking my auto focus, too much.

The silhouettes, in front of this scene, are Eisa drummers, performing offstage.

They, didn't distract me, as much as, children running through my compositions.

Women performing classic Okinawa dance, kimonos

 Watch, the little rascal, pop up and, run through this scene. Oh, well.

No matter, how many times, I photograph these dolls, I never get tired of watching them dance.

Women with gold fans, dressed in red kimonos, dancing

My camera, stores images, 500 per folder, on the SD card.

Today, I only processed some photos from the first and last folders, to show you.

A couple thousand more images, will be processed at a later date.

On Facebook, my 2016 Kin Town Kangetsusai Album, has plenty more to see, for tonight.

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