Monday, September 5, 2016

Travel Photo: 37 Piercings at 22 Years of Age

Woman 22 years old with multiple body piercings

It Was Labor Day

Usually, I forget about American holiday weekends until, someone reminds me.

Well, someone did and, Sunday night, I went out for a few beers.

Things seemed pretty slow around town and, I hung out in this quiet bar until midnight.

Along came this gal, who made me wish, I'd have brought along a real camera.

In my humble Japanese we got a conversation going and, she was a sweetie.

She gave me permission, to shoot this photo with my cellphone and, posed for it.

Honestly, I've never seen anybody like this except, in movies.

At age 22, she's old enough to sign a model release and, she did.

Of course, I promised her a print.  And, bought her next drink, too.

Not wanting to be nosy, I didn't ask her why she got all that metal in her body.

But, I asked her if all that stuff hurt and, she said, it didn't.

That must set off some alarms going through screening a airports.  She laughed.

As soon as, I get the print ready, I think I'll go back downtown to see if, I can find her.

It would be a good idea, to take along the Pentax and a flash, too.

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