Tuesday, September 6, 2016

One Million Views on Google Maps

screenshot from email

Just Started this Year

This is a screenshot, taken from today's email.

A few months ago, I began doing reviews and uploading images to Google Maps.

Travelers want to know, what to see, where to eat and, where to go drinking.

All I do, is give them a sneak preview and, tell them what, I think of the places, I've been.

It's sort of fun because, I get folks asking me all kinds of questions.

Every morning  people are asking me things.  Here's some examples:

Q. Can I bring my dog?  A. No

Q. Is it romantic?  A. Don't know.

Q. Does this place serve organic dishes? A. Not sure.

Q. Does this place serve spicy food?  A. Yes.

Q. Does this place serve breakfast.  A?  No.

Q. Does this place serve alcohol?

Lucky for me, there are only three ways, to answer the questions.

Either: YES, NO or DON'T KNOW

Most days, I answer all the questions before my first cup of coffee is finished.

Then, I go around, the rest of the day, wondering about stuff like:

Who would be traveling with a dog, looking for things to do on Google Maps?

And, want to know if, they can take the critter to a romantic spot for organic dishes!

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