Saturday, September 10, 2016

Cat Image Begs for a Title

white cat on rocks in woods

The Mind Just Goes Blank

Out exploring on a camera trek, anything can pop up and become a subject.

The truth is, I'm really a dog-person, not too thrilled about kitty cats.

When the day's shooting is done I look back at what's been downloaded.

The name of the game, is "Delete as many images as you can."

Sitting and screening photos at the end of the day sometimes, I wonder.

"What did you shoot that cat for?"

Instead of deleting it, I saved it for a day like today.  My mind, just happens to be blank.

I guess, I kept this image for the cat-people.  They matter, too.

If some cat-person, wants to come along and title this photo, they can have it.

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