Monday, January 30, 2017

10 Photos - An Unforgettable Sakura Hunt

Shortly After 10 AM

We arrived at Mt. Yaedake to see how the cherry blossoms (sakura) were doing.

The festival (matsuri) officially ended this past weekend.

cherry blossoms on a mountainside

Flowers, don't always blossom in accordance with the festival calendar.

It's been sort of a scattered blooming season, island-wide this year.

A sakura sign, at the entrance, indicated 70% bloom, at the top of the mountain.

Asian girl posing under a cherry tree, in bloom

Things, weren't looking too shabby, halfway up the hill so, we stopped for awhile.

It's always best, to ask tourists for permission, before taking photos.

Some, are happy having their picture taken. Others, are too shy. Like me, for example.

The blossoms were kind of sparse, unless the lens was zoomed in on them. 

The weather was nice, not too windy but, a little bit cloudy.

Close-up of sakura at tip of a branch

When things are calm, it's fun composing close-up images of the flowers.

No glaring sun and strong breezes shake the blossoms and, you get awesome colors.

Oriental girls, selfie, cherry blossoms, smiles

Just about the time, I decided to shoot these gals, doing selfies, they quit doing it.

"Hey. Could you do that one more time so, I can take a picture?"

They didn't understand my Japanese. We got it done with hand signals.

They were sweethearts. I would have bought them ice cream but, didn't know where it was.

Cherry trees in blossom

About ten-thirty, it was time to head to the top of the mountain and, check things out.

Ideally, there would be a couple of trees, loaded with those pink and red flowers.

Winding mountain road with cherry trees lining the guardrails

This photo was taken from above, to show the winding road and scattered blossoms.

During peak Sakura Season, it would be a breathtaking scene.

There's no sense, cursing about the situation. Dang it Things won't get any better. 

Sudden rain squall makes cherry blossoms invisible

Shortly before 11 AM, a big rain storm, blew across the mountain.

The professor and I, had to wait under shelter, before we could get back to our ride.

Cherry trees and flowers

We've lived on island for many years and, know these things happen sometimes.

Ten minutes later, we were back on the road again, headed downhill.

There weren't many tourists left so, I concentrated on cherry blossoms again.

Cherry blossoms with ferns in background

A few stops were made, to snap images, as we meandered off the mountain.

Then, we decided to hop over to another island and, eat some pizza.

That's a story, I'll save until, it gets a Google Map review.  Think vegetarian !

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