Friday, January 13, 2017

Flower Photo: Plum Blossoms at Oshittai

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Just a Peek

This afternoon a trip was made to Oshittai (オーシッタイ) where country folks of Nage live.

There was a good chance, it would rain but, it beat staying in the office.

Cloudy, rainy days, keep most of the tourists and flower lovers, off the highways. Cool.

It's kind of difficult, to give a report on these flowers. I don't know what percent are blooming.

Some trees, appear to be about 40% blossomed and, others close to zero.

Maybe, I'll get back up that way on a sunny, windless day and, shoot the whole place, for you.

Folks, interested in taking the country drive, should checkout Map It Okinawa for directions.

Gotta run, now. The full moon, may peek through the clouds and, I don't want to miss it, again tonight.

And, should the moon, fail to appear, I've got another 50 times, to lift my cement block !

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