Tuesday, January 3, 2017

5th Visit to the Temple and All I Got Was This

English version of Buddhist fortune for 2017

My 2017 Fortune

This morning, I walked the back road to my office and, swung by the temple, again.

Food tents, were all zipped up; that was a good indicator, nobody would be at the shrine.

So, I walked down the lane, to check things out. Only a few people were there.

Acting like I knew what I was doing, I went over and washed my hands.

A family of four, was on the temple steps, showing children, what to do.

When, they got done praying and tossing coins, they stopped at the bottom of the steps.

Knowing, they would be reading their fortunes, I walked away from the scene for awhile.

It must have been, 10 minutes or longer, before they got done. I'm patient, sometimes.

Once, they departed the scene, I was the only one there and, did my thing.

Bow, climb the stairs, kneel in front of the altar and, all that stuff.

Then, I actually put my hands together, pointed towards the sky and, squinted my eyes.

It's sorta dark inside the place and, I wanted to see if, anyone was watching me.

Then, I said, "Whatever god is around here, make 2017 a year of world peace. OK?"

The sign, on the donation box says "20 Yen" but, I tossed in 50, cuz, that's the way I am.

Opening the Written Oracle

That would be "Fortune" if, you were wondering what an "Oracle" might mean.

The ritual is normally performed on the grounds of the temple. I do things differently.

If, you get a bad fortune, it gets left behind, tied to a tree or anywhere at the temple.

Knowing, I never have bad fortunes, I took mine to work and, opened it there.

That way, I'd have a camera handy, to shoot the thing and, show everyone.

The Japanese version, I posted over on Facebook, for folks to see.

Does Anyone Believe This Stuff ?

Anyhow, they say my fortune, this year is excellent. And, I got some free advice.

All I have to do is, be strong willed, modest, faithful and patient.

Everything else seemed alright, until, I read the last few lines.

See, I really ain't planning on getting pregnant or doing anymore marriage proposals !

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